The Year

This school year wasn’t to bad. We had lots of fun stuff during the school year. Out of all the things I am so exited for High school because there’s new kids and new teachers. This school year I have learned new things and then forgot them but I know that they are there. I favourite subject is P.E of course and Math is my least favourite subject. I know how to do math and I know I can do it its just I don’t want to.

The Gr.7 grad is going to be awesome because the theme is Red Carpet and the guys are going to were tuxes and the girls are wearing beautiful dresses and high heels. After the grad I will be going over to high school  along with Sahara, Silky, Emily, Justin ,Dante and  Niall  we will have a lot of fun with our classes.

At A.J we had a lot of fun and all but you get old and have to leave to a new school. We made A.J proud and the younger kids look up to the people in grade 7 . so when we leave they will be looking up to the grade 6 witch is an amazing group of kids. 

Newspaper Article

Sophie Wins the Championship

Sophie wins the world championship at only the age of 12. She was in Las Vegas on May/15/2016 when she won at the Echo Tone Gym. She was competing against 15 other people over the age of 15. She is the most amazing gymnast in the entire world, because her skills were way above anybody else’s and also she learned from her amazing teacher Jordan.

She had won championships over 3 times! She was the first person ever to land the twisty flipply thingy! When she landed the crowd went crazy, people were screaming and cheering all because she was the first person to land it and also the youngest.

Sophie will keep wining for decades and continue on making people inspired to follow their dreams and never let someone say your unable to do something because you can you just have to try and try untill you exceed.

My Persuasive Write

Should boys and girls be in the same class?

I think that they should. Being all boys in one class and being all girls in the other, that would be so boring and too much fighting for the girls.    The boys on the other hand would be having so much fun with all there little toys.

So my first reason is that why would you separate in gender. When you go to college you are with both girls and boys and you have to learn how to work and get along with them so why not just be in the same class!!!


My second reason is that it would be very expensive for the school, because being like four classes of boys and being 6 classes of girls it wouldn’t make sense because you’re spending lots of money on separating in gender, when you could be saving money.


My last reason is that we are made to play together, and be friends with one another and plus there is no law regarding boys have to be with boys and girls have to be with girls


Ever since January I have been going to ride horses. I ride with my best friend and her name is Silky. Silky rides the biggest horse and he is a bay. I ride a horse named Pebbles and she is mostly black with a little white on her face. I go riding every Tuesday and this past Tuesday I went on a trail ride and I galloped really fast and I was running past my teacher and she was on a horse and I ran past silky, and all  my teacher was saying way sit up straight because It was my first time and I didn’t know what to do! When we go riding, we clean stalls instead of paying. So we get off the bus and start cleaning and we give the them food and water and let the horses in from the field. We bring our horses out of the stalls  and start grooming them with brushes. My favourite part of brushing them is cleaning their feet. After we tack up, we go on our ride!

I love to ride!


My Dream Job

My dream Job is being a doctor. I Always love helping people in my town and people who need help, However I love the hospital , because everybody is busy, even if it is answering the phone, doing food ,even making sure people are just felling good.

Being a doctor pays well and if you love to help people then you should be a doctor_ You can make $30,000_200,000 per year

I also want to be a doctor because you have you go to college for a couple of years. In that you are training to be a doctor. I have always going into a hospital, because everyone is busy and if someone is going to get surgery the doctor are always saying you will be fine and it is ok . Doctors always support you.

I think being a doctor is probably a lovely and caring job.

Basically  being a doctor is the best of both worlds because you are helping  people everyday  and you are also helping them heal inside. You are there hero hope I am.

I will be a doctor and I will work to my dream !!!

The Story of the Baby

One snowy day of the town Bella Bell, There was a little house up in the mountains in that house was a little woman who lived on her own because her husband died in a mining cart. The little woman’s name was Lily.

Lily had a dog his name was bruiser and he was a Great Dane he was white like the snow.

It was  December and it was like 5 feet of snow ware lily and bruiser were. Lily let bruiser outside.  Bruiser was a very caring dog.

Bruiser heard little cries from the woods like always bruiser was on the go he was running so fast in the snow and there was a little baby wrapped in a blanket, Bruiser bit down on the blanket and dragged the baby to the little house in the snow.

Lily ran to the door and opened it. There was bruiser with a little baby in his mouth. Lily grabbed the baby and said “you are so cute I am going to name you Amber”.

Lily got down to work. She made posters and no one claimed the baby. So lily kept amber and the had a bond they were so cute together.

Five years went by Amber was 6 and talking and was a very healthy little girl. Amber did not remember that she was ever found out in the snow so lily kept it a secret. Lily never had kid not even growing up so does she keep the secret or does she tell amber.


Lily does not want to hurt Amber felling’s so she did not tell Amber was so sweet and whoever baby she was if they kept her they would be very lucky, Because Amber had all the cool things about her like she loved to draw and go for  walks around in the woods with her buddy bruiser.


Amber was always wondering about her life before she was born she remember being in a dark round room were Amber was just floating around.

To Be continued…….


For Easter i was in camp with my dad sister and i we got there Easter night and hide eggs around the barge and it was really fun so if i could go there again i would so go back for Easter.

My Easter was pretty cool this year because I got  ,Lipstick, nail polish, Eye lids colors,  candy and card including 25$.  I gave a lot of thing  like candy, cards , pants , cookies,  and a lot other stuff if i could change one thing about this Easter is that i would go to camp one day before Easter.


My Opion Piece

I think eating after playing is a smart thing to do ,because after you need to do your math  you are very jumpy  and happy so if you go outside  for 40 minutes and then come in and eat for 20 minutes.

I know that you will be hungry and eat all of your lunch, instead of wasting some of your lunch.      Everybody loves to hang out outside so if you burn of all of your energy off and then come and eat.

I strongly advise that we should play before we eat!!!

Swiming Deep

Today little salmon eggs came.  A woman came and told us all about the salmon.

Here are some thing they need, Cool water, Shade, gravel, food, water.  I got to put in Two salmon eggs and i named them kip and James.  it was very cool to see every year new eggs.